Large Real Estate Firms Reduce Workforce as Homebuying Demand Cools

During the first quarter of 2020, the median home price in America declined from $329,000 to $322,600 by the start of April. The pandemic...

Widespread Tech Layoffs and Hiring Slowdowns: Could They Have Been Avoided?

Fintech and proptech startups raised a collective $163.5 billion in 2021. In 2022, they’re leading the way in the number of global layoffs—make it... Moves Forward With SPAC Despite Legal Issues and SEC Probe

Legal woes threaten’s very existence, but denial surrounding the trouble they're in comes as they continue to move forward with their SPAC merger...

Real Estate Firms Compass and Redfin and More Announce Layoffs

With the real estate market cooling off and the economy slowing down, real estate companies are starting to make changes. In filings with the...

Lawsuit by Former Employee Brought Against CEO of

From Vishal Garg's claim-to-fame Zoom call laying off over 900 employees 2 weeks before Christmas, to making headlines several times for several consecutive rounds... Layoffs Stir Up More Controversy

Technically, I could start out by saying "I told you so," but I won't. I have been covering Better's progress - or lack thereof...

Blend Labs Lays Off Significant Workforce

A New York-based digital mortgage lender, Blend Labs, laid off 10% of its workers due to the changing climate of the housing market, and... Starts Round Four of Layoffs

A Fourth Round? Better Figure it Out Quick Tsk-tsk-tsk. As predicted, seems to be on the slippery slope of demise. We've all heard... Offers Voluntary Separation To Emplyees

Almost unbelievable, now has more similar issues with layoffs to contend with. We've reported on the company and its toxic co-founder and CEO,...

Better Butterfingers Another Layoff 

After last month's layoff that came when CEO Garg returned, and after their poor handling of the last mass layoff of 900+ employees on...

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