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Bezos-Backed Real Estate Opportunity Has Arrived

If you’ve been wondering what Jeff Bezos has been up to in his spare time since leaving Amazon, your wait is over – his unique, new real estate opportunity has finally “Arrived”, in typical Bezos fashion – go big or go home.

Arrived Homes Arrives on the Real Estate Scene

Arrived Homes is the name of the new real estate investment company that Amazon’s founder is behind, and boy what an entrance it has made! One of the top-ranking billionaires in the world, Jeff Bezos, now backing a unique investment opportunity, brings a high level of excitement and enthusiasm to the real estate ‘investor-curious’ population. The platform made its debut on the investing platform Benzinga in early 2021, and its most recent set of highly anticipated offerings got such a surge in traffic upon release, it shut the website down for the first three hours! Additionally, for the first 8 months Arrived was operational, the company bought 51 homes. So what are we talking about, exactly? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to invest in a house and try your hand at being a landlord? – this is your chance to “pre-qualify” with a limited investment.

Investing in Real Estate

Arrived Homes has introduced an investment strategy designed to help the beginner in real estate investing get started. Every so often, the site offers a handful of single-family homes in several markets across the country, such as the one pictured below.

via Arrived Homes

This one is called “The Luna” and is 1,697 ft², with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. At this moment, it has just under $20K available for investment, with the total purchase price listed at $215K and 156 investors so far.

What Arrived does is find the houses, purchase them, then every couple of weeks the firm puts up a group of selections on a first-come, first-serve basis. But here’s where Arrived is different from others: you can invest with as little as $100, and there are no other qualifications (except being over 18). Arrived takes care of everything else – rents out the house once it’s fully funded, manages the property, and sends the investors a quarterly check, split between them according to the amount of shares held. After a target investment period of 5-7 years, Arrived sells the property and the investors receive another check. Each property has a target rate of somewhere between 8-15%, on average. Minimum investment is $100, maximum investment is $20K per house.

Many people of all ages know real estate is a terrific investment. After all, it is recommended that real estate should be 20% – 40% of your portfolio. It’s an asset class that rarely ever loses money, over time. However, it’s probably where the old adage comes from; it takes money to make money. While that is certainly a fair assumption for the majority of real estate opportunities, there are some which require very little, and fractional real estate options are now becoming increasingly popular. Arrived makes ALL of this as simple as the touch of a button, which has been extremely well received.

Amazing Results So Far

In the first 8 months, Arrived was operational and in 2021, the firm bought 51 homes with a property value of $18.5 million. This year, they’ve already surpassed that number with $20 million in property values so far, in less than 5 months. The site is wildly popular, with every group of homes offered being fully funded within just hours. Last month, the company offered a dozen homes that were fully funded in a record time of 6 hours, and the most recent group of 12 beat that record, fully funding within just 5 hours – and that’s including the first 3 hours of downtime! The incredibly successful model allows anyone over 18 to invest in real estate, for as little as $100 – and with no accreditation, a rarity that some say is the main reason for its popularity.

Final Remarks

Whatever the reason, we need more opportunities like these – to engage college students and young people, who have an interest in real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, asset management, landlording etc., as it presents a brilliant avenue for learning the art of investment. This type of investing is considered “alternative – fractional” investing, and these opportunities are rare. The platform Arrived offers their homes on, Benzinga, is worth exploring, as they have other types of fractional investments as well.

And here you thought Jeff Bezos was just goofing off, enjoying his semi-retirement, playing around with his lovely young girlfriend, and riding off into the cosmos in his giant, interestingly-shaped rocket ship…

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