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What Are You Paying For? Amenities We Love to See and Wish We Had More Of

Everyone knows that New York City apartments can be expensive, but most people consider it to be a worthwhile burden of city life. Some people pay to be in a specific location, others pay for square footage and outdoor space. However, there’s one thing every New Yorker is willing to pay a little extra for, and those are amenities. Building amenities can be pretty standard, like a laundry room, or they can be lavish, like the media rooms that have been popping up in luxury buildings. There are even some amazing amenities that barely anyone has! So let’s take a look at some of the ones we love and ones we want to see more of.

Amenities We Love


Doormen at 217 W 57th St. RealtyHop

This seems simple, but you’d be surprised how many residential buildings don’t have one! Luxury buildings, like Central Park Tower and The Vandewater, usually have a full-time doorman, and they’re often on call 24/7. They can help you get maintenance done on your apartment, let you know guests are coming, recommend fun things to do in the city, and just generally greet you with a friendly face. It’s no wonder why so many people rave about them!

Pet Spa

Do you have a furry friend, but hate going out to the groomers? Well if you live in buildings like The Neighborly,, then you’ll be a happy camper. Many buildings in NYC have pet spas and groomers that come with the amenities package. Many of these places trim your pet’s nails, wash them, and even style them just to your liking. Many buildings in NYC are pet friendly, but a pet spa will make your building feel more like family.

Game Room

Table tennis can be played in the game room at the Sven in LIC. Durst

Do you like games? Have you got an urge to play foosball, billiards, table tennis, or air hockey? Then you’ll love games rooms like the one in Sven LIC. These rooms can usually be rented out for parties and events, and are a ton of fun. Many are connected to lounges and kitchenettes, which means you’ll be having a great party. Some of these game rooms even have some fancier stuff. Sven, for example, has a virtual golf simulator. Now that’s a game!

Pool and Spa

Residents at 35 Hudson Yards will have access to the Equinox in the building and all of its amenities. via 35 Hudson Yards

A swimming pool might not seem practical in New York given the weather here, but many buildings have heated indoor pools that are elegant and fun, like the 25-yard saltwater pool of 35 Hudson Yards. Swimming pools aren’t the only things these buildings offer. Spa services, like saunas and hot tubs, are also found in most buildings with pools. These amenities add some extra luxury and style to any building.

Amenities We Wish We Had More Often


Back in the day, luxury buildings didn’t have virtual golf to attract residents, so they had to rely on other amenities. One of these amenities was to have an in-house tailor so folks wouldn’t have to travel for their clothing needs. Some buildings still have this available, like Newport East. However, tailors are rare these days, even in regular circles, with large clothing brands providing their own. If you’re one of the few who have a tailor in your building, count yourself lucky!

Public Library

Always wanted to live in a library? One Clinton Street gives you that opportunity. via One Clinton

You’re probably asking “there are public libraries in residential buildings?” It turns out there are! But just one. While other buildings have library spaces, only one building, One Clinton Street, offers a library that everyone can enjoy. Not only that, but this library has a children’s playroom and an auditorium inside. It’s the largest branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, and you could live above it! Perfect for anyone with a love of reading.

Recreation Sports Complexes

Roll out of bed and into the basketball court to shoot some hoops. Jackson Park

Found more often in larger complexes, basketball, tennis, and squash courts can be a big asset to apartment complexes in the city. Places like Jackson Park have pristine facilities and even set up rec leagues amongst the residents. Some smaller buildings might have one or two of these courts, but larger, multi-building complexes usually have all three. Why spend all your time in the fitness center when you can play one-on-one?


Restaurants and shops in the North Shore Towers. via North Shore Towers Apartments, Inc.

Though there aren’t many, malls and shopping centers are becoming much more popular in luxury buildings. Some are even as impressive as the one at North Shore Towers, a three-building complex that’s connected by a massive underground shopping center with grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, and even an arcade. A mall like this can transform a building into a miniature city. You’d never have to leave the complex!

Skate Parks/Rock Climbing

Skate park at Waterline Square via Trevor Hunte RentHop listing

Waterline Square Rentals has a Skate Park and American Copper has a rock wall. So far, no apartment complex in the city has dared to have both, but it’s only a matter of time. These amenities are just too awesome. Rock climbing, especially, has become very popular in the city, so expect to see more of it as more residential buildings make their mark on the skyline. Perfect for kids and the young at heart, these might be the coolest amenities we’ve seen in NYC.

Living in New York City is expensive, so you should look carefully to see what you’re getting. Folks might be spellbound by space, or a balcony, and then have to walk a mile to do laundry. The most popular amenities in the city are pet-friendly policies, communal outdoor spaces, laundry facilities, a doorman, and elevators. You might not be looking for any of those, but think a swimming pool looks cool. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which amenities are most important. Talk to your real estate agent about your budget and what you’re looking for, take a close look at each building, and decide what you can’t live without so you can make an informed decision. To find a home you love, you need to find a place that makes you feel comfortable…but having access to a spa can’t hurt.

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