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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tips & Tricks for Your Home

With the start of the new spring season, it’s time to clean the remnants of winter away. Spring cleaning is a way to refresh the home and get ready for the start of the warmer weather seasons. It may feel like a challenge, but spring cleaning is completely manageable with these tips and our comprehensive spring-cleaning checklist for houses.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Stock up on Spring Cleaning Essentials

Do you have the proper cleaning supplies, paper towels, and rags to start the task? Those are necessary to have on hand before you begin. The vacuum you use is also important. A HEPA vacuum is one of the best spring-cleaning supplies to purchase because they trap airborne particles that cause allergy symptoms. If you don’t have a HEPA vacuum, make sure you have one with attachments for cleaning ceiling fans, behind furniture, and tight spaces. Steam cleaners are another option for spring cleaning. They can be used to naturally clean kitchen appliances, bathrooms, tile, hardwood floors, and even the microwave. 

Create a Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Each Room

Cleaning the entire house at once can seem overwhelming, but spring cleaning can be broken up by room. But before you even start, create a checklist (see our ultimate checklist below) for each room of the house to stay organized and take note of areas that need extra attention. There may certain areas of the home that were neglected over the winter that need more time. Designate a certain day to begin the cleaning but realize that it does not all need to be completed in one day.

Work from Top Down

Start from the ceiling down so the debris from cleaning on the floor will be cleaned last. A vacuum with an extension hose should be used to get cobwebs and dust from the ceilings, fans, and light fixtures first. Then dust the furniture and other times before vacuuming all the debris from the floors. Bonus Tip: For cleaning carpets, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, let sit for 30 minutes, and then vacuum, which will clean and deodorize.  

Get Rid of the Clutter

Part of the reason that spring cleaning is time-consuming is because of clutter. Studies indicate that a disorganized home can create stress. Understanding the reason for the clutter and a solution for it can help get rid of it quickly. Clutter can be sorted into four categories: garbage, donate, store, or put away where it belongs. Get a large box for donations and a trash bag for garbage and move them with you as you move from room to room. That way, there is one large donation box and trash bag at the end of cleaning rather than some in each room. This is an effective way to get the clutter out of the way. 

Seasonal Spring Chores

Several chores are associated with spring cleanings, such as cleaning the grill, patio, or garage. Spring is a good time to clean the walls and windows and screens, where dust can settle over the winter. Starting from the top, use a damp towel or rag to wipe down walls and blinds.

Bonus Tip: Wash the windows on a cloudy day to avoid streaking with 8 parts water to one part vinegar.  Wipe down with a coffee filter or newspaper for a streak-free shine.

Spring cleaning is also a good time to put away winter clothing, bedding, and décor and bring out spring items, as well as replace HVAC air filters. Allergy sufferers should consider wearing a mask and rubber gloves for some of the more heavy-duty spring cleaning.

Organizing the Garage

Most homeowners tackle cleaning out the garage during the spring months. Start by removing everything from the garage and group them by category. Items that are used often should be placed on shelves for easy access while items that are not used often can be stored in cabinets or bins. A pegboard is essential for hand tools like hammers. Wall hooks can be used to hold rakes and shovels.  

Spruce Up the Space

Now that the space is clean and ready for the new season, spruce it up with some new items. A few inexpensive changes can help your house feel light and bright for spring. For example, new pillows for the couch can make the room feel refreshed. Purchasing new bedding, towels, or window treatments can transform a room for spring and get ready for the coming warmer months. Another quick way to spruce up the space is with fresh flowers or a new green plant.  

Spring Cleaning Tips Checklist


  • Sweep or mop floors
  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Clean door
  • Clean doormat


  • Clean oven and stovetop
  • Clean microwave
  • Clean dishwasher
  • Clean refrigerator (wipe drawers and shelves)
  • Defrost freezer
  • Clean countertops
  • Clean cabinet doors
  • Sanitize the sink and garbage disposal 
  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Mop floors


  • Throw out old medicine and makeup that has expired
  • Clean shower and tub
  • Scrub toilet
  • Clean showerhead
  • Scrub grout
  • Clean vanity and hardware
  • Wipe mirror
  • Replace shower curtain liner
  • Mop floors
  • Wipe walls and baseboards

Dining Room

  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Dust china cabinet items
  • Clean chair cushions
  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods
  • Clean light fixture
  • Clean windowsills and windows
  • Mop or vacuum floor
  • Clean rugs and carpet

Living Room

  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Wash slipcovers, blankets, and pillows
  • Vacuum sofa and chairs
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods
  • Wash windows and windowsills
  • Clean or vacuum curtains
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Sanitize remote controls
  • Mop or vacuum floors
  • Shampoo rugs or carpets
  • Wipe walls and baseboards


  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Organize closets and donate old clothing
  • Wash bedding and pillows
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Flip mattress
  • Wash windows and windowsills
  • Mop floors
  • Shampoo rugs and carpets
  • Wipe walls and baseboards

Laundry Room

  • Clean washing machine
  • Clean dryer vent and lint trap
  • Organize laundry supplies 
  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Mop floors

Home Office

  • Organize and recycle paperwork
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Dust electronics
  • Sanitize keyboard and mouse
  • Wipe walls and baseboards


  • Declutter tools, sporting equipment, and toys
  • Wipe down walls
  • Sweep floor
  • Clean garage door and frame
  • Wash windows
  • Wash garbage and recycling bins

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, and your home is no exception. These spring-cleaning tips and tricks will get your house ready for the new season in no time while giving your space a clean, fresh feel.

Lara Popeck has been writing for over 10 years, with a focus on business and real estate-related articles. She has a degree in Economics from Bryn Mawr College and an MBA from Montclair State University.