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12 Dog Friendly Restaurants in NYC

New York City is considered an extremely dog-friendly place, but not every establishment is keen on seeing you and your furry friend. But if you’re like me, you don’t like being away from your dog for even a second. Lucky for us, many NYC restaurants have made accommodations for all pups in their surrounding areas. These places let you and your dog relax, eat, and grab a drink. Everyone loves coming to an outdoor restaurant or bar and seeing a friendly furry face, so we here at CitySignal have compiled a list of the best restaurants and bars that will more than welcome your fur baby!

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Manhattan

  • Dog & Bone Tavern: With a name that’s a bit on the nose, this tavern is all about building community and bringing the neighborhood together. Their outdoor seating invites dogs to that party, and they will provide water upon request, or if it’s just a hot day. Being on 23rd and 3rd, this place is a perfect place for your dog to build a community as well since a ton of other pets will be passing by and love to say hello. This communal space is great for people and pooches alike.
  • The Wilson: When it comes to dog-friendly restaurants, this place goes the extra mile. Their menu for humans is great, sure, but the menu for dogs is loaded with delicious treats for fido. They have grilled steak, grilled chicken breast, homemade treats, and plenty more for you to choose from. This place is for people who are upset that their pet is never able to have a fine dining experience. Sure, you can make this stuff at home for your pet, but this place has professional chefs, and they’ll make sure that your dog becomes a regular customer.
  • The Barking Dog: This dog-friendly restaurant has two locations, one on the Upper East Side and one in Hell’s Kitchen. Both will welcome your dog with treats and water. They even have a section on their website that gives advice on doggie dining, including keeping your pooch leashed and bringing a chew toy so they have something to do while you eat. This place is a very popular brunch spot, and the Upper East Side location is close to Central Park, so you can expect to see a lot of dogs when you dine here.


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Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Brooklyn

  • Pig Beach: Pig Beach has two NYC locations, one in Brooklyn and the other in Long Island City, Queens. However, the Brooklyn one was here first, so it goes on this list! Not only do they have a huge outdoor space with plenty of room for pups to run and play, but they also make special, in-house dog treats that you can purchase and take home. While you enjoy some BBQ, your furry friend can chow down on some nice smoked salmon or juicy grilled steak, and both of you will make some new friends.
  • Lucky Dog: This Williamsburg staple is perfect for dog owners during any time of year. With a designated area inside for dogs, one of the few bars in NYC to have such a space, you can enjoy an indoor or outdoor experience that your pup will love. There are always dog owners here, and they love meeting new people, and having their dogs make new friends. They have a ton of live music, dog treats, and dog friendly events, so there’s always something happening. Who knows? Maybe your pooch will even make it to the bar’s Instagram page!
  • Tipsy Dog’s Bar & Grill: Don’t worry, this place won’t get your dog drunk. But they will let your fur baby have a great time! Dogs are welcome both inside and outside of the bar, and they will love the live music, treats, and new friends they make while they’re here. This bar stays open late for the party crowd, the day is for dogs and their owners, with happy hour specials that will delight your senses. Your pet can be put on their Instagram with all the other dogs, and the occasional cat, that pass through. You’ll never want to leave fido home alone again!


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Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Queens

  • Jora Restaurant & Bar: A Peruvian Restaurant in Long Island City, this place has a menu that is out of this world. They have a ton of outdoor seating that is perfect for pups, which is why so many dogs and their owners gather her on a daily basis. They even have water bowls for your pets on days when it’s just too darn hot, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will have a wonderful time with you. The food is great, the atmosphere is out of this world, and you can spend some quality time with your four-legged friend.
  • Luna’s Kitchen and Bar: A Mexican-American restaurant with a slew of special events, this place has ample seating for you and your furry friends. Dog owners flock here for the community bonding and the food, while their dogs get to play. They have a ton of special events like karaoke, trivia, and even stand-up comedy, all of which your dog can watch, but might struggle to participate in. Either way, you and your dog can have a memorable evening of food, fellowship, and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.
  • Trestle: This All-American restaurant and bar has a massive outdoor dining shed that’s one of Astoria’s most popular locations. If you’re this far into the list, you should know that dogs are more than welcome there. They’ll even bring out water bowls so your furry friends can stay hydrated! While the place doesn’t have space for your dogs to run around, they do have plenty of space for you and your dog to sit and chill. A more relaxed dog friendly environment, your pooch will still be able to interact with other dogs and spend some time with their favorite human.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in The Bronx

  • Bronx Alehouse: This restaurant isn’t just one of the best dog friendly places in The Bronx, it’s one of the best restaurants, period. They have a ton of events every week, including brunch, beer club, and trivia nights. They have six tables outside that are more than happy to have you and your dog around. It’s also close to a park, so you can have an entire day of adventure with your furry friend. So visit or move to The Bronx with your dog and see some beautiful sites while eating amazing food.
  • Archie’s Tap & Table: This enormous restaurant opens up wide to their outdoor location, leaving ample space for a well behaved dog to explore and make new friends. The menu here is amazing, and they usually have several events a month for people to enjoy. Dogs can enjoy sitting under a shady table next to a bowl of water with their friendly owners. This restaurant loves to bring the community together, and the community, in their eyes, includes dogs. Come here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You and your dog will always be greeted with a friendly face.

The Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Staten Island

  • Wynwood Restaurant: A large restaurant and lounge with ample outdoor space, Wynwood is a great place to bring your furry friends on a nice summer day. This place hosts many events and parties, so your dog should be okay with larger crowds. That said, this place will give your pup plenty of water and fun experiences, along with some delicious food and cocktails. It’s also right on the water near some green space, so you and your pup can spend the whole day outside, and come here for a refreshment. It’ll be the perfect way to end a day.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and it’s hard to leave them home alone cooped up in an apartment. They yearn to be out and about with the people they love, so it’s hard when most places say dogs aren’t allowed. These restaurants break that mold, and welcome you and your pet with open arms. As long as your pooch is well behaved, on a leash, and has stuff to do, then they will always be welcomed at the above establishment. These places love animals as much as you do, and will go the extra mile to provide them with an amazing experience.

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