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Jessica Peters Talks Real Estate and Eco-Friendly Properties

A Conversation with Jessica Peters

The real estate market in NYC is still on the rise with no end in sight. For every apartment, there’s a dedicated team trying to fill it, and let someone live their Big Apple dream. A lot of technique and finesse goes into these sales and each real estate agent has their own style, strategies, and philosophies when it comes to selling. Jessica Peters is one of these versatile real estate agents. She was kind enough to sit down with us and speak about her history in the business, as well as her tricks of the trade.

Hey Jessica! Thank you for speaking with us.

Of course!

So how did you get into real estate? What inspired you to make this a profession?

I’ve always admired architecture and design. Real estate provides the creative platform for me to immerse myself in both arenas. 

Interesting. So it’s more of an art for you. Is that what sets you apart from other agents? 

Partly. Consistency and the ability to solve problems also set me apart.

So putting in a lot of time with clients? I bet they love that personal attention. What’s your favorite neighborhood/borough for showings.

I have a few. Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, and Greenwood.​ Brooklyn has a fun market right now.

I sure love it! What has been your proudest moment during your career in real estate? 

Building the Jessica Peters Team. It was a process to say the least! I slowly built my team over the course of 5 years. We started small and expanded as the team grew. Without the them, I would not be able to run ​efficiently and effectively while providing great customer service. 

I love that. It really does take a village. In that same vein, what was your favorite building to sell for? 

585 Union Avenue, Williamsburg. No question. The property was built with 100% ICF construction, which reduces noise from the exterior and provides more efficient insulation. I love eco-friendly builds.

Do you think the city is heading in the eco-friendly direction? 

That’s the hope! With a gas ban as of 2024 for all buildings above 7 stories, it appears that New York City is heading in that direction.

I’m sure your clients do too. What advice can you give to those seeking to buy a home in NYC? 

Be mindful of interest rates as they continue to increase. The average buyer loses approx. 12% of buying power for every rate point increase. Also, for eco-friendly housing, It’s more expensive to build, so it will be more expensive to purchase. However, the benefits of a better build will allow for longevity of the product and keep monthly utility bills lower.

What would you recommend buyers look for when apartment/house hunting in NYC?

Look for the things you DO NOT want. It’s easier to identify what is right for you once you know what the deal breakers are. AND the property doesn’t have to be perfect. YOU can make it perfect.

I love that. What do you think is in store for the future of NYC real estate? 

Better construction, stricter building guidelines, higher interest rates, and market stabilization…Hopefully.

Very fair. Well thank you again for answering my questions!

Of course! My pleasure!

Attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and a love of the work are Jessica’s philosophies, and they are important ones to believe in. As time marches on, more sustainable builds and guidelines will shape the city. Add some artistic flair, and soon we’ll have an NYC that’s green and gorgeous. People like Jessica will help pave the way for that future. 

Currently, Jessica has 27 active listings throughout Brooklyn. From one bedrooms to townhomes, there’s a lot of exciting inventory coming from this broker and her team!

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