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How To Get Guaranteed Entry into the 2023 TCS NYC Marathon

While Spring is around the corner, Marathon Sunday is not that far off. If you’re interested in running the NYC Marathon this year, your only option left is going to be to sign up for a charity entry and fundraise the required amount. However, if you want to run the marathon in 2023, things aren’t looking bleak for you.

How To Get Guaranteed Entry to the NYC Marathon

The easiest way to get a guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon if you aren’t a speed demon, is to qualify through NYRR 9+1 program. This means you race 9 of their qualifying races and volunteer for one by December 31st of the year prior. There are also 3 virtual races that qualify. This means that any races you run in 2022 will get you guaranteed entry for the 2023 Marathon, NOT 2022. Note that you must also have an active NYRR membership as of December 31, 2022.

All the NYRR Races Left This Year to Qualify For the 2023 NYC Marathon

  • April 24th: RBC Race For the Kids presented by NYRR 4M
  • May 1st: NYRR Newport 5K
  • May 21st: RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon
  • May 28-June 5th: Virtual NYRR Global Running Day 5K
  • June 11th: Mastercard New York Mini 10K
  • June 18th: NYRR Queens 10K
  • June 25th: Front Runners New York LGBT Price Run 4M
  • June 26th: Achilles Hope and Possibility 4M Presented by TD Bank
  • July 16th: NYRR Central Park 4M
  • July 18th: NYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K
  • July 31st: NYRR Team Championships 5M
  • August 13th: Harlem 5K
  • August 20th: TCS New York City Marathon Training Series 12M
  • August 27th NYRR Grete’s Great Gallop 10K
  • September 11th: New Balance 5th Avenue Mile
  • September 18th: New Balance Bronx 10 Mile
  • October 2nd: TCS New York City Marathon Training Series 18M
  • October 9th: NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon
  • November 5th: Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K
  • November 6th: 2022 TCS New York City Marathon
  • November 19th-27th: Virtual NYRR Run for Thanks 5K
  • November 20th: Race to Deliver 4M to Benefit God’s Love We Deliver
  • December 3rd: NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K
  • December 10th NYRR Frosty 5K
  • December 31st: NYRR Midnight Run 4M

Don’t hesitate to sign up, these races go by quickly! But don’t worry, CitySignal will be cheering you on!

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