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Five Need-to-Know NYC Restaurants for Restaurant Week

For decades, NYC has provided its residents with unbelievable deals during NYC Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is a program that allows participants to explore top eateries in the city for only $29, $39, or $59. Hundreds of restaurants throughout the city sign up for this program to offer menu dealswhile promoting their businesses as well.

It is wise for participants to check with the restaurant they wish to patronize for its prices during NYC Restaurant Week. This is because some restaurants only have one or two of the three aforementioned deals. When a customer purchases a meal for a minimum of $39, they are credited $10. However, there is a limit of participants receiving no more than ten $10 credits (or $100) during NYC Restaurant Week. 

From Jan. 18 until Feb. 13, participants will be able to explore many restaurants throughout the city. However, not every NYC restaurant will participate for the whole duration of Restaurant Week. Some eateries may only offer Restaurant Week specials until Jan. 23. Moreover, with the many restaurants participating in Restaurant Week, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Where do you celebrate the most delicious week of the year? Here, we have a list of need-to-know NYC eaterieswhere customers can find tasty platters with hard-to-beat deals. 

Boulud Sud

This Mediterranean food eatery is located on 20 W. 64th St. It offers a $59 three-course meal until Feb. 13. The meal starts off with the guest’s choice of tasty appetizers. Customers can then choose between ricotta cavatelli slow-baked merlu and harissa-spiced lamb shoulder for their entrée. A variety of desserts are available to finish the meal, including chocolat et caramel lingot. 

Tsion Cafe

For guests seeking out authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, they can find it at Tsion Cafe. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this local hub will be offering Restaurant Week menu deals until Feb. 13. Its $59 three-course meal starts customers off with a choice of either sambusa or injera chips. For the entrée, customers can choose between a veggie combo meal, shakshuka, or doro tibs. To end the delectable meal, Tsion Cafe offers a choice between malawach and halvah.

The Regency Bar & Grill

This delicious eatery is located on 540 Park Ave. and provides high-end menu options. For lunch, Regency Bar & Grill offers $29 for a two-course meal. Guests can choose between three options of appetizers, including roasted Roma tomato soup. Then, they can decide between a variety of hearty main course options, including braised 8-hour short ribs. Finally, they can finish their night with a sweet taste of different dessert options. Customers can also upgrade to the restaurant’s $59 meal for a three-course dinner.

Osteria La Baia

On 129 W. 52nd St., guests can find Osteria La Baia, a gem of Italian cuisine. It is worth noting that this restaurant is only participating in NYC Restaurant Week between Jan. 18 and 23, offering a $39 lunch meal. For the appetizer, guests can choose between numerous tasty selections, including yellowtail tuna tartare. For the main course, different servings include winter squash pizza, hanger steak, and other delicious platters.

Haven Rooftop

132 W. 47th St. is home to the Haven Rooftop, where guests can catch a glimpse of the iconic NYC skyline. For guests wishing to dine at this establishment, they should know that the restaurant will only offer Restaurant Week specials until Jan. 23. The $59 meal offers an appetizer choice between soup du jour, tuna tower, or caesar salad. The main course offers three options, including penne pasta. Dessert options include crème brûlée and s’mores.

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