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Best Places to Get a Pumpkin Spice Latte in NYC

For many New Yorkers, the real indicator of the start of the fall season isn’t the shadows cast by old Mayan temples or earlier sunsets; it’s something with recent origins. It’s the pumpkin spice latte.

Starbucks initially debuted this seasonal drink in 2003, but it didn’t receive the same level of acclaim as it does now. The advent of the yearly pumpkin spice latte signals the start of fall for many residents of this bustling city. 

While the notion of the pumpkin spice latte has become somewhat jaded among New Yorkers, many still find that it retains a special place in their hearts. If you’re one of the many seeking a local source of this delectable drink, here are a few New York City cafés that provide it.

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Grounded Coffee House

Grounded Coffee House is a fantastic and unusual hangout for coffee enthusiasts. They offer so many coffee blends to start your day with, and you will never get bored with their creative coffee selection. 

For tea connoisseurs, they also provide a large selection of herbal, black, and green teas. 

Located in the West Village, Grounded Coffee House is a great place to start if you’re new to the pumpkin spice latte craze.

12 Corners Coffee

12 Corners is the spot to go for New Yorkers with a sweet appetite. The Lower East Side is home to this laid-back coffee establishment. Since 2012 when they opened, they have kept a consistently low price that favors people looking for quality at a reasonable price point. There’s only $2.75 for a cup of coffee!

12 Corners will never let you down with their lattes, which are a must-try for sweet-toothed coffee lovers.

Bean and Bean Coffee Roasters 

Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters has lately taken over New York City. This New York-based shop was founded in 2008, and it currently has four locations at Wall Street, Chelsea, Queens, and Fort Lee

Their pumpkin spice lattes and other coffee blends are fresh and organic, and they continue to serve the community. Bean & Bean is the place to go for your fall spice fix if you’re a genuine PSL enthusiast.

Empire Coffee & Tea Co.

This store is nimble, astute, and quick. It’s just for New Yorkers! They want the best coffee in the world right now, and they want it for a low price. 

The original Empire Coffee and Tea Company is located at 568 Ninth Avenue in New York, NY, on a side street known for its gourmet goods. 

Empire Coffee and Tea Company offers tastier drinks and a relaxed atmosphere to contrast the businesses and restaurants in Hoboken, which grow brighter, shinier, and slicker.

The Uncommons

There are cafes, and then there are game shops. But this coffee shop came up with an ingenious idea of combining the two, but with a twist. As a result, a board game café was established with 65 seats, a private area for parties, and a wide range of food and beverage options.

We’ve all longed to play a short game of Scrabble while relaxing and sipping a coffee, so the underlying concept isn’t new. But with The Uncommons, it goes even farther. They provide a place for all kinds of tabletop games; getting you to go for the pumpkin spice latte and stay for the fun.

B Cup Cafe

B Cup Cafe is the place to go if you want your pumpkin lattes especially spicy. With vibrant walls and exterior, this East Village coffee shop expresses creativity in all its drinks and sandwiches. There is free WiFi, excellent music, huge carafes of iced coffee, and a fantastic hummus sandwich? What else could this place possibly have to offer?

B Cup Cafe will never leave you disappointed with its coffee, serving residents and visitors an excellent coffee menu. The Cafe’s charm will entice you to linger and enjoy your coffee (or munch down on one of their delectable breakfast or lunch meals) at one of their inviting sofas or tables.

Remi Flower & Coffee

As hinted by the name, Remi Flower Coffee shop offers cut flowers, plants, and coffee. They serve drinks and pastries in their space nestled within a cloud of charming flowers and plants for sale. Go in for a latte with pretty flower-themed art in it, hand-tied bouquets, or plants. All available to go.

For those who would love to immerse their five senses in this refreshing atmosphere but do not drink coffee, there are plenty of other options for you.