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Best Farmers Markets in the Five Boroughs of NYC for a Farm to Table Thanksgiving

The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us will be cooking large meals in the weeks to come. Family and friends will gather to feast on a hearty Thanksgiving meal, after watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

In preparation of houseguests and hungry mouths to feed, CitySignal has put together a comprehensive list of the Best Farmers Markets in the Five Boroughs. Some of these markets are privately owned, while many are part of the GrowNYC Initiative.

We’ve compiled the essential details that you will need to choose the best farmers markets closest to your home or work. It doesn’t matter if you live in Flushing and commute to Manhattan. There is a convenient farmers market to assist in your holiday cooking plans. 

For a handy guide and map to all registered farmers markets in NYC, click here

Special Note: If using an EBT card to purchase fresh produce at a farmers market in NYC, receive an additional $2.00 for a future purchase of fruits and vegetables. For every $2.00 spent with EBT, receive $2.00 in Health Bucks. You can earn up to $10.00 per day. 

Feel free to use this list in making your holiday cooking plans, and remember to shop local!


Originally created in 1970, GrowNYC was created to provide environmental programs to New Yorkers that would improve their quality of life. Green Spaces and Food Access/Agriculture are two of their largest areas. 

Greenmarket farmers markets provide the city with easy access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. This large network of farmers markets has multiple locations in each of the five boroughs. Each market has their own schedule and some vary slightly for the week of Thanksgiving. Many will have their last open day during Thanksgiving week. 


Union Square GreenmarketGreenmarket’s Flagship Market

*Special Thanksgiving week schedule will run on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday*

  • Products Offered: Winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, milk, cheese, maple syrup, hand-crafted spirits, mushrooms, herbs, beef, pork, pickles, fish, shellfish, hydroponic lettuces, breads, alpaca yarn, candles, wreaths, hard pretzels, and kimchi.      
  • North and West sides of Union Square Park
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, year-round, 8:00-6:00PM

Bowling Green Greenmarket

*Special Thanksgiving week schedule will run Tuesday and Wednesday*

  • Products Offered: Seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs, plants, breads, quiche
  • Broadway and Whitehall Streets
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, year-round, 8:00-5:00PM

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Organic vegetables, orchard fruits, mushrooms, breads, baked goods, microgreens and hydroponic lettuces, candles, soap, honey, pickles, beef, pork, strawberries, cider, and hard cider. 
  • 47th Street at 2nd Avenue
  • Wednesdays, year-round, 8:00-3:00PM

Mount Sinai Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Vegetables, orchard fruits, herbs, breads, pies, pasta, eggs
  • Madison Avenue and 99th Street
  • Wednesdays, June 15th-November 23rd, 8:00-3:00PM

Tribeca Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Orchard fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, meats, berries, cheese
  • Greenwich Street between Chambers Duane
  • Wednesdays, year-round, 8:00-2:00PM


Elmhurst Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Local honey, fruits, vegetables, Mexican specialty produce, baked goods, herbs
  • 41st Avenue between 80th and 81st Streets 
  • Tuesdays, June 14th-November 22nd, 8:00-3:00PM

Flushing Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Various fruits and vegetables 
  • Sanford Avenue and Union Street
  • Wednesdays, July 27th-November 23rd, 8:00-3:00PM

Cunningham Park

  • Products Offered: Various fruits and vegetables, breads, pickles, granola, maple syrup, and small-batch spirits. 
  • Cunningham Park lot by Union Turnpike
  • Sundays, year-round, 9:00-2:00PM

Staten Island

Staten Island Mall Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Vegetables, orchard fruits, eggs, honey, breads, yogurt, cheese
  • Marsh Avenue and Ring Road 
  • Open Saturdays June 11th-November 19th, 8:00-2:00PM

St. George Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, goat cheese, fish, shellfish, baked goods
  • St. Marks Place and Hyatt Street
  • Open Saturdays, year-round, May-December 8:00-2:00PM 


Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Vegetables, orchard fruits, freshly-baked breads, eggs, cheese, butter, fish, shellfish, mushrooms, pork, lamb, goat, jams, cider
  • On plaza at Court Street and Montague Street
  • Open Tuesdays and Saturdays, year-round, 8:00-3:00PM

Down to Earth Park Slope Farmers Market

  • Products Offered: Fruits, vegetables, coffee, mushrooms, kimchi, pasta, breads, nuts, cheese

This market also offers pre-orders for holiday gift baskets with products offered from many of their vendors. See their weekly newsletter for more information. 

  • 4th Street at 5th Avenue
  • Sundays, year-round,10:00-3:00PM


Morrisania Farmstand

  • Products Offered: Various orchard fruits and vegetables
  • 169th Street and Boston Road at McKinley Square
  • Wednesdays, July 20th to November 23rd, 10:00-2:00PM

Poe Park Greenmarket

  • Products Offered: Mexican herbs and greens, fruits, vegetables, breads, granola, honey, candles, soap, eggs, cheese, butter
  • Location and Hours: East 192nd Street between Grand Concourse and Valentine
  • Tuesdays, June 28th-November 22nd, 8:00-3:00PM

Greenmarket Turkeys 2022

Would you prefer to serve your family a fresh, locally raised turkey for Thanksgiving, rather than a turkey that has been frozen for an indeterminate amount of time? 

If so, Greenmarket has you covered! Several Greenmarket locations have fresh, local turkeys for sale this year. Each location offers different varieties of turkey. This is determined by the local farms that are supplying each Greenmarket location. The following farms are supplying turkeys this year: 

  • Dipaola Turkey
  • Feisty Acres Farms
  • Halal Pastures Farm
  • Ramble Creek Farm
  • Quattros Game Farm
  • Violet Hill Farm

There is limited availability, so check with each location as soon as possible. A full listing of farmers market locations that are offering pasture-raised turkeys is available here. 

We hope our listing of the best farmers markets will be a helpful tool when planning your upcoming holiday feasts. No matter your location, there is a great farmers market with fresh produce, turkeys,  and other items, in each of the five boroughs.

Be sure to check the GrowNYC website for an up-to-date listing of schedules, expected vendors and adjusted holiday hours here. 

Kristi Hill is a freelance writer who loves to travel, cook and watch college football. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually listening to classic rock and spending time with her dog, Chico.