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The 14 Best Chocolate Shops in NYC Right Now

Everyone loves a sweet treat, and the good people of NYC are no exception. Nothing is better than a confectionery delight on a day that has been particularly bad, good, or even romantic. Lucky for us, NYC is full of places that specialize in chocolates and candies. These wonderful sweets, created by master craftsmen, dazzle the senses and can be found in every single borough. So once again, CitySignal has your back! We’ve listed the best chocolate shops in NYC, so you can treat yourself or a loved one, no matter what borough you’re in.

Best Chocolate NYC

Best Chocolate Shops in Manhattan

  • Kee’s Chocolates: An Upper West Side delight, and possibly the best-rated chocolate shop in all of NYC, Kee’s offers a wide array of treats including macarons, cookies, and bonbons. Their specialty is their chocolate bark, made with almonds, berries, and a pinch of salt. Everything they make is delicious AND available online! Get yours delivered today!
  • La Maison du Chocolat: A Parisian company, this iconic chocolate shop has a few locations in NYC, the most famous being in Rockefeller Plaza. Next to some of the most unique boutique shops in the city, La Maison has delicious treats like boxes of chocolates, pastries, and seasonal collections. They also have vegan chocolate so everyone can enjoy it! You can order their treats online, so go to their website and shop your heart out!
  • Harlem Chocolate Factory: A legendary Harlem establishment, Harlem Chocolate Factory has garnered critical acclaim, even receiving an original series on Amazon Prime. This black-owned company has a proud history of flavorful chocolate with very low sugar. Some of their specialties include cookie cake, truffles, and brownstone bars, chocolate bars that are in the shape of iconic brownstone buildings. These delights are available online, but their store is very cute, so pay them a visit today!

Best Chocolate Shops in Brooklyn

  • Jacques Torres Chocolate: This chocolate shop has its flagship store located in DUMBO, and has been treating the people of Brooklyn since 2018. They have many great packages to choose from including cookie packages, boxes of chocolates, and even powders of hot chocolate. They have several vegan options for customers to choose from, so anyone in Brooklyn can enjoy these sweet treats!
  • Raaka Chocolate: Specializing in dark chocolate, Raaka is delicious and all-natural. They love to incorporate fruit flavors into their chocolates, but they never use artificial flavors. Instead, they ferment the fruit and chocolate, bringing out the natural and delicious flavors. Some of their best products include waffle cone snacks, fruit-infused chocolate bars, and limited edition chocolate bars. Be sure to stop by the store or check out the website for their latest offerings!
  • The Chocolate Room: A jack of all trades in the chocolate community, The Chocolate Room has everything from boxes of chocolate to delicious cakes. They also cater events, putting a special emphasis on weddings. They’ve been featured in a variety of news outlets like Eater and SecretNYC, so you know their chocolate is top of the line. They also have gift cards, which make a perfect gift for any occasion. Stop into their shop today!

The Best Chocolate Shops in Queens

  • Ridgewood Chocolate: A shop that’s full of delicious treats, Ridgewood Chocolate has eccentric, bold flavors that are guaranteed to fit any mood you’re in. They have a variety of chocolate infusions like Coconut & Pink Salt, Goji Berry, and Mulberry. Their chocolate, especially their dark chocolate, is made from some of the best stuff on Earth. The process is so complex that it has produced some of the most expensive chocolate bars in the city. These luxury bars are delicious, so if you have some extra funds, stop into their store today!
  • Aigner Chocolates: A Forest Hills staple since 1930, Aigner is one of the oldest chocolate shops in NYC. This family-owned shop has a wide variety of treats including chocolate clusters, chocolate barks, and ice cream. Everything that can be favored chocolate is found here, and all for a great price. The store even has holiday specials with special treats and prices. Head to Forest Hills today for a great selection and stunning craftsmanship.
  • Main Sweet: A place that is stacked to the rafters with chocolates and sweets, Main Sweet specializes in candy baskets of various sizes and themes. Their chocolate baskets, in particular, are full of delicious treats that make a perfect gift. Their bundles come in mugs, goblets, and buckets, so you’ll never run out of delicious confectioneries that will wow your taste buds. The prices are right, so head to the store and pick up your bundle today!

The Best Chocolate Shop in The Bronx

  • Chocolate Place: The perfect place to find some romantic gift, Chocolate Place has everything from chocolate-covered strawberries to chocolate liquor. A very popular spot for couples, this shop will be sure to ignite the night with any flavor your heart desires. They even cater to those looking to enjoy a treat without all the seductions, selling sprinkle combinations and food dyes for your own culinary creations. You can shop in person or online, so visit either today!
  • Everything Goes With Chocolate: When this place says everything goes with chocolate, they really mean it. With a wide variety of specialties from cupcakes to macarons, it’s a guarantee that they will have something you love. They even make custom cakes for any evening, be it weddings, birth announcements, or graduations. Their designs are elegant, their service is great, and their food is delicious. You will not be disappointed so make your order over the phone or in the store.
  • Chocobar Cortes: Based in Puerto Rico, Chocobar Cortes came to NYC rather recently, and planted roots in The Bronx neighborhood of Mott Haven. This place is very popular for a reason. They don’t just specialize in chocolate, but they have cocktails, coffee, and entrees too! Bronx residents could really spend an entire day here, tasting delicious foods and relaxing with a chocolate martini.

The Best Chocolate Shops in Staten Island

  • Supreme Chocolatier: A chocolate shop that bakes to order, this versatile store is perfect for any occasion. With categories for holidays, celebrations, and just because, you’ll be coming back to this establishment for every special moment in your life. You can order online, so check out their selection!
  • Chocolate Fantasy: A beautiful shop with stunning creations, Chocolate Fantasy isn’t just chocolate, it’s art. Perfect for parties and holidays, these creations will take your breath away as they tell a story. Their wide selections and delicious bites are very affordable, so check out their website and see some of their work.

NYC is home to some of the best chocolatiers in the world, and those artists can be found in every single borough. Sweet, delicious, and thoughtful, these shops cater to their clients’ needs while providing them with new experiences that are guaranteed to impress. Whether you need something for the holidays or you want to romance your lover, these stores will have something for you. So, if you want a sweet treat, check out any of these stores. You can even try the best ones in each borough for a chocolate tour you’ll never forget. 

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