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Which NYC Subway Stop Is The Best to Live Off Of?

With the Summer rental season beginning to pick back up, many renters may be preparing to relocate to NYC or planning to ditch their current lease.

New York renters may see large rent increases or a change of heart with their current building. Some may have realized they are paying way too much for what they’re getting for their money

With their annual Subway Median Rent Map, RentHop provides a detailed report to help renters visualize where they can save by riding the train to affordability.

This year, 84% of Subway Stops saw increases in rent. This is lower than last year, but the median rent is currently at $4,400, 3.5% higher than the same time last year.

New developments and renovated units caused spikes in rent in the outer boroughs, so for renters concerned about their rent changing in the coming years, keep an eye out for construction and updates.

Tenants with lower rents aren’t moving, which is decreasing the current inventory for lower-priced units. This could cause problems in the future if these tenants move out and owners renovate and charge higher rents.

Where to Live if You Work Remotely or Hybrid in NYC

With remote and hybrid work becoming more popular, does it make sense to shell out for an apartment in the city’s heart with a quick commute that may only happen 1-2 times per week? Increasingly, renters look to their local neighborhood communities to find nightlife, meals and social happenings. If one’s community provides everything they need, why fork over large amounts of rent?

Below, CitySignal looked at some of the best stops to live off of for renters wanting to be in proximity to a certain Subway line.

Best NYC Subway Stops to Live Off the 1-2-3 Line

Apartments off the Cathedral Pkwy 1 train stop at 110th Street saw a 1.4% dip in rent. While the median rent is higher at $3,450, you’re farther down in Manhattan and are in proximity to several parks.

135th Street Station (2-3) in Harlem has a median rent of $2,567 and only saw 2.9% growth last year. This may mean you can snag a better deal in the area.

Best NYC Subway Stops to Live Off the 4-5-6 Line

Rent along the 6 train saw the most drastic rental decreases, with some rent near stations coming down over 6%. 

Brook Ave off the 6 train in Mott Haven in The Bronx. The current median rent is $2,369, with rent dropping 6.4% since last year. 

The Franklin Ave stop for the 2-34-5 had one of the lowest rent growths in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn area at 2.9%. Median rent sits at $2,910 but you have access to the S train which can connect you with other Brooklyn lines.

Best NYC Subway Stops to Live Off the N-Q-R-W Line

If your budget has room to grow over the coming years, check out Astoria Blvd ($2,750/6.8%) or Broadway ($2,650/6%) off the N/W. Rent is still proportionately low; however, the area is seeing major growth, which may impact your lease during re-signing. Make sure to read the terms of your lease carefully.

Best NYC Subway Stops to Live Off the B-D-F-M Line

While 155th Street (B-D) in Harlem saw 19.3% growth this year, the rent is still sitting at $2,600. This is a great stop to live off of if you’re a Yankee’s fan, you could even walk to a game!

F Ditmas Ave (F) is a Brooklyn stop in the quaint neighborhood of Kensington.

Newkirk Ave ($2,379/-1.9%) on the BQ lines will send you straight into Lower Manhattan or give you the chance to transfer in Downtown Brooklyn to another line.

Best NYC Subway Stops to Live Off the A-C-E Line

The A stop at 190th Street in Washington Heights, just south of Inwood. With access to green space on the west side of Manhattan, current median rent sits at $2,300 with a -2% change since last year.

Utica Ave (A-C) in Bed-Stuy has a median rent of $2,600. There are many small local businesses that you can enjoy instead of traveling into the city.

Grand Ave-Newton in Queens ($2,200/0%) gives renters access to the EMR trains but is also two stops away from the 7 train

Best NYC Subway Stops to Live Off the J, G, L & 7 Trains

J train riders should look around Kosciuszko St. in the Bed-Stuy/Bushwick area, where the median rent is $2,850, a 1.1% drop since last year.

For G train lovers, check out the Myrtle-Willoughby Ave ($2,850/3.6%) or Ft. Hamilton Pkway ($2,838/-4.9%) stops in Brooklyn. Queens G stops have seen large rent growth, and apartments near those stops have an average rent of over $3,800!

The L train is a pricey line to live off of (thanks to going through Williamsburg), but the first stop to see a bit of rent relief is Dekalb Ave ($2,728/1%) in Bushwick. How trendy.

The 7 Train has quickly become a favorite of many renters, so look to 33rd St in Queens for a median rent of $2,750.

Best Neighborhoods to Live to Have Access To All Subway Lines

For access to multiple Subway lines, consider apartments in FiDi, SoHo/Chinatown, Downtown Brooklyn, or Hunters Point/Long Island City in Queens. These are not the friendliest for budget-conscious people, but if one needs to travel, access may be helpful.

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