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Where in NYC Would the Game of Thrones Houses Be?

The House of Dragon, the newest HBO show from the Game of Thrones universe has taken to New York City’s Empire State Building for the marketing of its newest season. But while an imaginary dragon scales the monumental building, one with a dark history, if the Houses of Game of Thrones were real and in New York City, in what neighborhood would they build their homes?

House Stark – Yonkers 

Yes, we all know, Winter is Coming. You know what we also hear a lot of? That you’re from Westchestah, the same place House Stark would most likely land. The house’s snowy terrain may be difficult to replicate, but where would Jon Snow know something? Probably Yonkers – sorry, New York City.  Annoyingly difficult to get to and with an unclear understanding of what is north of it, Westchester would encompass the noble Starks, who have had a foothold in the north for decades. Seems like they already have a chateau or two up there, just with less snow.

House Targaryen – Staten Island

One of the most ancient houses in Westeros, but one that was in hiding and in exile in a faraway land – have we been to Staten Island? What is even there? Staten Islanders are proud folks with a rich history and strong family ties. They do have to cross a body of water to reach Westeros, er New York City. While there aren’t a lot of tents on Staten Island, there are some interesting knick-knacks from travels around the realm in this home.

House Lannister – Financial District

Who “always pays their debts” and controls the coin, a Lannister. The easiest place to do that with the most access to the places that move the Financial World is the Financial District. Okay so maybe people there currently don’t pay ALL their debts. After all, who can’t unsee Jaime Lannister in a Vineyard Vines vest? Or Cersei on her way to board a helicopter to handle some business?

House Baratheon- New Jersey

Robert Baratheon did, at one point, usurp the Iron Throne and consistently attempted to solidify power in the realm as outsiders—oh, hey, New Jersey. While the house is reportedly extinct, New Jersey is nowhere near that status. In fact, many residents have fled to NJ to escape the higher cost of living in NYC. The median price point for a home in Jersey City is at least $200K cheaper than New York.

House Tyrell – Brooklyn

If you head across the East River to Brooklyn, you’re likely to find homes decked with aesthetically pleasing greenery and maybe a touch of haughtiness. House Tyrell would most likely fit in well in Brooklyn, a huge part due to them thinking they are kind of better than everyone else. They could have chosen to live anywhere, but Brooklyn is cool and trendy and they want to tell you ALL about the money they saved by moving there.

House Martell – The Bronx

“‘Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.’ The words of House Martell. A promise to our enemies, and a challenge to our lovers.―Oberyn Martell. The Martells naturally would come from The Bronx, a proud and passionate group of people. With a vibrant culture, who else would be tough enough to take on someone as intense as The Mountain in hand-to-hand combat? A home like this in The Bronx looks like it would also be fitting for Dorne (where the House of Martell actually resides).

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