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Multi-Use Furniture Pieces: Botanical Tables

Living in a city apartment often means buying multi-use furniture pieces to accommodate the (often-times) small space you’re in if you want to decorate. With furniture and other miscellaneous items taking up so much room, there might not be enough space for other decorations like plants. Filling the remaining space with pots or hanging plant pieces might make small spaces look even more crowded than it already is. 

In 2017, Habitat Horticulture created the Living Table, which is a table that is designed to mimic how plants naturally absorb water from the ground. The water is drawn upwards by the table’s irrigation system through capillary action. Through layering of various planting materials, they provide moisture and aeration, eliminating the need for drainage. The site suggests placing the table in a place that gets bright, indirect sunlight. 

Since then, other companies and products have popped up creating and selling similar pieces like the Living Table. BloomingTables is a small business in San Diego that has one simple mission: To bring the beauty of the outdoors – indoors. According to BloomingTables, their products are an innovative option for those who live far from nature. It’s an easy way to incorporate botanical scenes in the comfort of their own homes, as the living furniture “combines beauty and functionality, in a sleek and modern way.” 

BloomingTables sells quite a range of these botanical tables. There are desks, coffee tables, entryway tables, side tables, and even plant kits that can go inside the tables. How do their tables work? Lined with acrylic, the tub ensures a leak and mess-free environment. Every table is equipped with a twist-to-open drain to valve, which allows the user to drain any excess water. The glass that acts as the table is held down with UV resistant suction cups that make it easy to remove and tend to the plants. They even include a FAQ page for those who have planting and lighting questions.

While the Habitat Horticulture and BloomingTable have wonderful products and the idea of having an already set-up plant table is appealing, the price could be a dealbreaker. The Living Table is priced at $850 and BloomingTable products range from $289 to $399. While you won’t be able to get the built-in drainage system, this is a furniture item that can be made by hand! 

There are many kinds of terrarium tables available. D’Eco has a range of different terrarium products, from hanging terrariums to tables. Sadly, their tables are glass and most likely will not be able to drain. However, to make it look lively with your plants, you can place some potted succulents inside, along with some rocks to fill up the space. To tend the plants, you will just need to open up the side glass panels. SEI also has a gorgeous terrarium coffee table. While a lot of the table reviews use the table as a display case for collectibles or as a home for their reptiles, you can place potted plants inside, along with rocks and other miscellaneous items for decoration. If you have a set of tools and enough willpower, you can even DIY this from scratch! Whether you decide to buy a high-end terrarium coffee table or a more affordable one, this furniture piece will for sure be the focal point of your home.

Nina Yu is a freelance writer who is currently based out of Salt Lake City. They are interested in topics like social justice issues, travel, and beauty/skincare. When they are not writing, you can find them hiking, laughing to a fun podcast, or reading a good book.