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Best NYC Wedding Venues for Architect Enthusiasts 

It feels like everyone got engaged over the holiday season which means everyone now needs to plan their wedding.

Whether a small affair or a big bash, you want your wedding to be a memorable, beautiful moment that you will always remember. People have different ideas of how to achieve such a celebration. Some prefer great views while others want something out in the open. For more traditional folks, however, a wedding in a beautiful building is just what the doctor ordered. The right architecture can make your wedding feel gothic, elegant, or triumphant. Luckily, for those looking to get married in the Big Apple, there are many venues to choose from that each offer very distinct vibes.

Many of these places are also the best instagrammable wedding venues. Without further ado, or in this case, “I do”, here are some of the most stunning venues in and near NYC: 


Weylin in Williamsburg is the perfect venue for large wedding parties. Formerly the  Williamsburg Savings Bank, this space was built in 1875 by George B. Post while the interior was designed by Peter B. Wright. Within walking distance from the Gretsch Building, there are several spaces in this venue perfect for weddings, but the real treasure here is The Oculus Dome. Featuring subtle yet stylish limestone walls and a  marble mosaic floor, it’s perfect for smaller functions seeking a more neutral backdrop. This allows for the bride and groom to use the space to highlight their own creativity when it comes to their ceremony. For larger wedding parties, one only needs to incorporate both domes,  separated by a wide archway. Following the ceremony, guests can use The Gallery, a rustic event space, for a change of scenery and lively reception. 

The Carlyle

This venue on the upper east side is the perfect combination of Old New York and the modern-day. Built in the 1930’s, this hotel sports the Art Deco style of early 1900’s New York, and is also an iconic residence for many on the UES. There are several spaces in The Carlyle that are wedding favorites, such as The Foyer and The  Trianon Suite, but nothing captures the Art Deco style quite like The Versailles Suite. An intimate space with large windows that flood the area with natural light, The Versailles Suite whisks you back in time as you celebrate your future. 

Oheka Castle

This stunning structure is a sprawling French Chateau-style home that rests on the highest plot of land in Long Island. Built in 1919, it was the second-largest home to ever be built in the United  States. After a brief time in the hands of the military, experts in Faux Bois worked tirelessly to restore the site to its former glory. Now a hotel and wedding venue, this chateau will make you feel as though you’ve traveled all the way to France for your big day. 

The Burden Kahn Mansion

This venue ripped right from a fairytale and placed on the Upper East Side. Modeled after the Papal Chancellery in Rome, the French limestone exterior and sixteenth-century Italian architecture of the interior give this venue a unique and spiritual feel. A spiral staircase leading to the third-floor ballroom is highlighted by a mural from French artist, Hector d’Espouy. It leads to a marvelous stained-glass skylight that will leave your guests speechless during the reception but talking about it for years to come. If you ever wanted to feel like royalty, this is the place to do it. 

The Foundry

This Long Island City venue that has a more rustic feel than the other venues we’ve discussed. Previously a Metal Foundry, the space was all but abandoned by the 1970’s, used as nothing more than a junkyard. It was purchased in the 1980s and restored to its previous industrial splendor with some elegant outdoor spaces added to it. A bookmark of the industrial age, this venue is perfect for weddings with a more casual feel and the desire for a simple ambiance. The skyline view and garden terraces will be the perfect backdrop to your big day. 

501 Union

This is where you go if you want the industrial feel of The Foundry with a more elegant, modern vibe, similar to the nearby condos of 480 Degraw Street. The wedding ceremony would take place in The Atrium, a covered atrium with seasonal plants and walls of glass. While this space is beautiful in its simplicity, The Space is where you go for the cool afterparty. Featuring vaulted ceilings with custom-built skylights,  exposed brick, and hardwood, and lit to your tastes by Jason Miller Modo Chandeliers, 501  Union screams “rustic sheik.” 

The New York Public Library

This one might seem like an odd place to hold a wedding, but this massive building in Midtown hosts events all the time. In the shadow of The Bryant and constructed in the Beaux-Arts style by the architecture firm of Carrére and Hastings in 1911, the library sports many grandiose spaces that provide a triumphant yet cozy feel to any wedding party. The library has also been known to adorn the front steps with candles that lead guests to the ceremony, adding to the old-world intimacy any bride and groom might strive to achieve. 

The Prospect Park Boat House

This one is my personal favorite on this list of architecturally stunning wedding venues. This building, completed in 1905, was one of the first in New York to be declared a historic landmark. Another Beaux-Arts style venue, The Prospect Park Boat House features beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, making the venue versatile as well as stunning.  The mint green and tan colors of the venue go well with almost any color scheme and the scenic beauty of the surrounding park only adds to the elegance. While it’s not the largest space mentioned today, its intimate design makes it the perfect space for a ceremony with close friends and family. 

There are many venues in New York City besides the ones listed here. While we have our favorites, it’s important to select a venue that has what you want. That said, these venues usually have their own caterers and staff for just such occasions, making wedding planning that much easier. So, whether you’re really into architecture, or you just want your wedding day to be as beautiful as the love you share, check out these venues. You’re sure to find something perfect for your special day with your special someone. 

Russell is a writer and comic based in New York City. His plays have been featured at Penn State’s Cultural Conversation’s Festival, The NYC Thespis Festival, and Imaginarium’s Inaugural Theater Festival. Follow him on TikTok and Instagram @pooleparty528