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6 Plants that Will Spruce Up the Bathroom

Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Plants

The bathroom can be one of the harder places to decorate in the home. Bathmat, check. Fun shower curtain, check. Mirror frame, check. However, it can still feel like something is missing. That’s where plants come in. Toss a pot into that corner, or hang one right over the sink. The possibilities are almost endless. Figuring out good bathroom plants can really brighten and freshen up the room. Unlike finding a regular houseplant that stays in a room with minimal temperature change, finding a plant that thrives in low light and humid conditions is key for the perfect bathroom decor. Most bathrooms have minimal light and some may even be windowless, which means artificial light can be used to keep the plant alive. Choose plants for your bathroom that can survive in high humidity, low light, and constant temperature changes. Need a place to shop for a new plant? Check out these plant shops in NYC.

Best Bathroom Plants

1.) Peace Lily

Also known as closet plants, peace lilies are easy to maintain and care for. These plants are great for brightening up the bathroom, as well as being a natural air purifier. They are known for their bright green leaves and the white flower, which isn’t actually a flower at all. It’s a leaf bract that grows like a hood. This is perfect for a bathroom space, because it meets the low light requirement. The amount of light will actually determine what you want the plant to look like (less bloom vs more bloom). Peace lilies prefer to be under watered rather than overwatered. Plus, the amount of humidity after a shower is perfect for this beautiful plant. 

2.) Air Plants

Unique, no-soil plants may be the perfect addition to the bathroom. Air plants are epiphytes, which means that in nature, they grow on other plants. There are hundreds of species of air plants and they are so easy to decorate a space with. With the elimination of soil, you are free to place these plants anywhere in the bathroom. On the windowsill, in the shower, or just empty spaces. They will get most of the water needed from the humidity, and it doesn’t hurt to mist them every now and then.

3.) Snake Plant

Known as one of the most tolerant plants, the snake plant can survive even after being neglected for several weeks. These plants can grow from eight inches to 12 feet tall. This is one of the plants that has been proven to clean the air of your home, removing toxins. Putting them in indirect sunlight, and watering them minimally, will ensure the longevity of their life. The tie-dye-looking leaves and structural shape will brighten the look of any room.

4.) Orchids

There are some varieties of orchids that grow well in bathrooms. The pansy orchid is one of them, the name coming from the flat, pansy-like shape of the flowers. Like air plants, orchids are also epiphytes. Orchids thrive the best in humid environments, the ideal being between 50% to 70%. However, be careful to not let water touch the bottom of the pot, as capillary action can expose the roots to too much water which can deteriorate the whole plant. Orchids do best in bright, indirect light. With the correct care, the orchid bloom will surely be the pride of your bathroom.

5.) ZZ Plant

Otherwise known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the ZZ plant is quite indestructible. The plant can tolerate darkness, steam, and warm areas. While it needs some form of artificial light or low light, it can also survive for a long period of time without water. Being a bathroom plant, the humidity of the bathroom would be perfect for this plant. ZZ plants feature thick stems with leaves that showcase a glossy finish. They can grow up to two feet tall. Because of the high humidity after showers, be careful with watering, as the wet soil can cause root rot. 

6.) Cast Iron Plant

If you tend to forget about watering your plants, the cast iron plant may be the perfect addition to the bathroom. It grows well with minimal watering and even in complete shade, hence the name “cast iron.” Even if the plant grows better in drier conditions, the changes in humidity in a bathroom will not affect this plant much. Depending on the type of cast iron plant you get (dwarf or regular), the plant can be anywhere from 18 inches to three feet tall. The dark green foliage will be sure to make the bathroom pop.

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